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For more than three decades, tissue expansion has allowed patients to undergo reconstructive procedures for which they would otherwise not be considered good candidates. Reconstructive surgeries are dependent upon patients having adequate excess tissues in the treatment area. Mastectomies, tumors, severe burns and other conditions often require tissue removal, leaving little remaining for reconstructive procedures.

How Does Tissue Expansion Work?

Tissue expansion is a natural process that occurs in the body. Examples include skin that expands due to a tumor, pregnancy, and edema. The process is triggered when tension is placed on soft tissues, such as the skin. Cells divide to form a larger area of skin to accommodate the increase in volume. Tissue expansion relies on artificial mechanisms to trigger the same physiological response. A balloon is inserted under the skin and filled with a specific amount of saline. Once the maximum amount of expansion has been reached, more saline is added to the balloon. This cycle is repeated until the surgeon achieves the desired amount of tissue expansion.

What are the Benefits of Tissue Expansion?

Reconstructive surgeons prefer tissue expansion versus skin grafting for several reasons. When tissue expansion is applied, the skin does not show signs of scarring. Grafting often results in tissue die-off, and this is avoided with tissue expansion. Patients typically do not experience loss of sensations and other unwanted side effects that are associated with grafting. Surgeons are also using tissue expansion to form flaps for reconstructive procedures.

How is Tissue Expansion Used in Reconstructive Surgery?

Tissue expansion is most often used in breast reconstruction, burn treatment and tumor removal, but surgeons have found many other ways to use the technique.

  • Hair restoration
  • Lengthening of the nerves and blood vessels
  • Reconstructing the bladder
  • Cleft lip surgery

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