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Why you should consider an Abdominoplasty with Dr. Sasson

Dr. Sasson is an expert in abdominoplasty and uses only the latest techniques in obtaining the most firm, flat, and smooth stomach possible. Dr. Sasson helps patients achieve the look and the self-confidence that they desire.

Eating right and getting regular exercise are the key components to living a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, for those who are left with loose skin around their belly, diet and exercise alone may fall short in providing an effective solution. The fact is that the loose skin and extra tissue around your abdomen may require cosmetic surgery like a tummy tuck.

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Why the Extra Tissue Around Your Tummy Won’t Go Away

There are multiple life events that can result in the skin around your abdomen losing elasticity and beginning to sag.

Here are some of the more notable causes:

  • The natural aging process: The decrease in collagen production as we age results in the skin losing laxity and weakening
  • Significant weight loss: After a person loses a large amount of weight, the skin and other subcutaneous tissues frequently do not tighten up completely, causing them to sag significantly
  • An after-effect of pregnancy: The skin in the abdomen becomes severely stretched during pregnancy, and it often doesn’t tighten up after childbirth

Many people will often associate the issue of excess skin with the need to hit the gym more often or be more cautious in the kitchen. However, while eating right and working out is effective for burning fat and keeping a slim, healthy figure, it cannot help to tighten skin and tissue that has lost elasticity. The tummy tuck is designed to remove these areas of sagging skin and fat to flatten and smooth the abdomen.

Tummy Tuck – Before & After

Before and After Image of Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Before and After Image of Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) | Great Neck |

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Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

It’s important to note that the tummy tuck is not a procedure designed to remove fat. If you have unwanted fat in the belly region along with loose tissue requiring a tummy tuck, then Dr. Sasson can perform liposuction in conjunction with it.

During the procedure, Dr. Sasson will make an incision just below where the band of your underwear rests (hipbone to hip bone) in order to minimize the visibility of the scar. Then the underlying muscles and tissues will be tightened and repaired to strengthen your abdominal wall. Excess skin and tissue can then be removed before the remaining skin is pulled firm and incisions are closed. The result is a belly that is flatter, tighter, and looks years younger.

Whether you can go home after the surgery or need to spend a couple of days in the hospital depends upon the unique details of your procedure. Dr. Sasson will give you specific instructions for your recovery period. He will discuss everything from how to change your bandages, how to shower, and even when you can exercise. Generally speaking, your recovery period will last a few restful weeks before you are able to return to your normal schedule. Dr. Sasson may recommend that walking will help with your healing. Walking is often strongly encouraged as soon as patients are able to manage it.

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Combine with Breast Augmentation for a Mommy Makeover

Many women combine their tummy tuck with a breast augmentation or breast lift procedure so they can enjoy the simultaneous benefits of a flat belly and perkier breasts. This combination is often referred to as a “Mommy Makeover,” because of its popularity with women who have had children. You certainly don’t need to be a mother to enjoy the benefits of these combined procedures, though. Any woman who has experienced weight fluctuations watched her body change over time, and has become increasingly dissatisfied with her appearance can benefit from this particularly helpful combination of procedures.


Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Can a Tummy Tuck improve the appearance of stretch marks?

A large area of stretch marks can be completely removed by a tummy tuck. However, some remaining stretch marks can be improved or be moved to less noticeable areas of the abdomen.

Will Tummy Tuck affect a future pregnancy?

No, however, pregnancy after a tummy tuck may cause some redundancy and overhanging of the additional skin and recurrence of loose skin stretch marks, revising possible revisional surgeries.

Can a Tummy Tuck reduce back pain?

Studies have shown that tummy tuck can improve and reduce back pains and at times improve other pains or hernias, and abdominal discomfort associated with abdominal weakness and gastric issues. A tummy tuck can also improve urinary and post-pregnancy.

Can a Tummy Tuck be done after a c-section?

Yes, very often a tummy tuck is done after c-section and for other previous abdominal or pelvic surgeries. This can result in improvement or complete elimination of previous abdominal scars such as those from c-section or other surgeries.

What are the best procedures to combine with a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck operation is commonly combined with liposuction of part of the abdominal areas, as well as hips or other areas. In addition, various breast surgeries, such as reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation can be done at the time of tummy tuck, depending on the person’s age and body habits and other underlining medical issues.

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I waited 12 years to get a tummy tuck and was most of all, scared that I would pick the wrong Doctor. After reading great reviews, I chose Dr. Sasson and I am so happy I chose him for my procedure! He was caring and realistic when it came to letting me know what my results would look like. He has great bedside manner and a super friendly!

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