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Use fat grafting to turn back time on facial appearance

Patients of the Great Neck and Manhattan, NY area who are interested in reducing the appearance of volume loss along with fine lines and wrinkles on the face may want to take time to educate themselves about a procedure known as fat grafting. With fat grafting, patients can eliminate the need for dermal fillers and […]

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What hand surgeries are available with Dr. Sasson?

When it comes to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the Great Neck and Manhattan, NY area, many patients will consult with Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team to learn about the ways in which he can restore a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. With face and body procedures, he can assist many patients after trauma, injuries, […]

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What is tissue expansion and who requires it?

Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team at Sasson Plastic Surgery work routinely with New York area residents who are in need of reconstructive procedures. This may include procedures after a traumatic accident, injury, or even the removal of the breasts following a breast cancer diagnosis. He can prepare patients for future surgeries by offering tissue […]

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Why patients choose eyelid surgery as an antiaging treatment

As you look into  the mirror, do you recognize the person looking back at you? As we age, we may notice changes in our face that add to an aged appearance. With antiaging treatments, many patients can help in reversing these signs, restoring a youthful look. This is true with various cosmetic procedures, including eyelid […]

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When might I consider a neck lift procedure?

One of the signs of aging is sometimes considered the development of the “turkey neck.” Excess skin, excess fat, and the natural process of skin laxity common with aging skin can contribute to an unsightly appearance. In fact, some patients feel as though the appearance of the neck adds more to their aging than the […]

What is fat grafting and how is it used?

Fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face can make men and women appear older than they really are. Exposure to the elements, along with the natural process of aging, causes these imperfections to develop due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. However, with specialized techniques, plastic surgeons and dermatologists can […]

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Hand surgeries available at Sasson Plastic Surgery

When patients are in need of hand surgery, they may be unsure as to who they can turn to. Dr. Homayoun Sasson of Sasson Plastic Surgery is a skilled provider in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the areas of Manhattan and Great Neck, NY. When carpal tunnel, congenital defects, and hand injuries […]

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Why many patients choose fat grafting to erase fine lines and wrinkles

Tired of looking at fine lines and wrinkles on the face contributing to your aged appearance? Do you want to turn back time but are unsure about surgical interventions such as facelifts and brow lifts? Are you seeking a more long-term solution that doesn’t require regular injections? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you […]

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Why wear compression garments after plastic surgery?

Compression garments are post-operative clothing that are predominantly made with materials such as nylon and elastic. They are an important part of recovery following many plastic surgery procedures. The garments are designed to be worn to facilitate faster healing and minimizing swelling while still being comfortable to wear. Even though they are the standard post-operative […]

FAQs answered by Dr. Homayoun Sasson regarding breast augmentation

Increasing the size, shape, and volume of the breasts is a personal decision that many women may make. Women who are self-conscious about their breast size, or who have asymmetrical breasts, often connect with a plastic surgeon to discuss their options. For many, there are a lot of questions that come along with a complex […]

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