To ensure a successful outcome and smooth recovery, here are seven essential tips to keep in mind for a successful eyelid surgery.

7 Essential Tips for a Successful Eyelid Surgery

A common cosmetic operation called eyelid surgery can improve the look of your eyes and make you look younger. It’s crucial to be knowledgeable and ready for the procedure whether you’re considering eyelid surgery for medical or aesthetic reasons. Consultation Is Key Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience in eyelid operations is the first step […]


Male Breast Reduction: Gynecomastia

Male breast reduction, also known as gynecomastia surgery, is a surgical procedure that is designed to reduce the size of enlarged male breasts. Gynecomastia is a medical condition characterized by the development of excess breast tissue in males. Various factors, including hormonal imbalances, genetics, obesity, certain medications, and underlying medical conditions can cause it. The surgical procedure […]

Breast lift

Breast Lifts: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts. This comprehensive guide will help you get started by providing the necessary information you need before making any decisions. If you’re considering a breast lift, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for personalized guidance. Benefits of a […]

Upper Arm Lift 101

Loose skin is a natural part of life. It can occur from aging, sun damage, changes from pregnancy, and significant weight loss. Loose skin in large amounts can be uncomfortable and make wearing certain clothing uncomfortable. While loose skin can occur on various parts of the body, it is common on the upper arm. Thankfully, […]

How a Facelift Can Enhance Your Beauty & Youthfulness

A facelift procedure is a great way to bring back the youthfulness in your face. This procedure can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Facelift procedures are some of the most popular in the world due to how it can reverse the effects of aging and leave you feeling and looking much younger. Here […]

Ear Pinning Surgery

Understanding the Benefits of Ear Pinning Surgery

Your ears are the framework for your facial balance. However, different ear conditions can affect the shape and function of your ears. Thankfully, ear pinning surgery is a great option for altering the shape of your ears. Let’s take a closer look at what ear pinning surgery is and its benefits. What Is Ear Pinning Surgery? Ear […]

tummy tuck

When to Consider a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Sasson is passionate about helping you get the look you desire and helping you gain your confidence back. Tummy tucks are great for those who have loose skin and extra tissue around their belly, whether that be from extreme weight loss or pregnancy. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider getting […]

ballerina mom and daughter in the Studio in black gymnastic swimwear

Restore Your Pre-baby Body With a Mommy Makeover!

Women who are interested in turning back time on their bodies after one or more pregnancies may be intrigued by certain plastic surgery procedures, especially the “mommy makeover.” Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team at Sasson Plastic Surgery in Great Neck and Manhattan, NY, believe in recommending this treatment for women with several areas of […]

Beautiful girl with curled tail on her head

RF Microneedling for Improved Skin Appearance

At Sasson Plastic Surgery, Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team work alongside patients like you to assist with making changes and improvements to the body., With surgical and nonsurgical solutions, you have a lot to choose from at his state-of-the-art cosmetic facility. Patients who are seeking skin rejuvenation options that use today’s amazing technology may […]

woman showing Bare shoulders and hand touches the face

Why Should I Consider a Neck Lift?

In this day and age, it is vital that you always look your best. However, many patients incorrectly believe that plastic surgery is only for the Hollywood elite. Fortunately, plastic surgery has become much more affordable, and there are many areas of the face and body that can be treated with these procedures. For men […]

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