Why Should I Consider Getting a Facelift?

Loving the skin that you are in helps you be your most confident self. If you are not thrilled with how your facial skin has aged, a facelift can be a fantastic way to create a natural, youthful look. Here, we will take a look at a few reasons why you might want to consider talking with a plastic surgeon about getting a facelift.

Create a More Youthful Appearance

It is no secret that age comes with wisdom and grace. However, the aging process also brings changes to the skin’s texture, elasticity, and appearance. If you are unsatisfied with the changes to your appearance, a facelift can address some of these common areas of concern and create a more youthful look. During your facelift procedure, our surgeon will adjust your skin in a way that gets rid of deep wrinkles and smooths out the face.

Change the Appearance of Your Neck

Many people find that the neck is one of the first places where aging becomes apparent. This is often due to decreased collagen production in the skin, which can lead to sagging and wrinkles. A facelift can help address these changes by tightening the skin around your neck and chin to create a more lifted appearance and contour the area.

Look More Energized

As the skin on your face changes with age, you may notice that the delicate skin underneath the eyes begins to darken and sag. This can make you look tired or even angry. A facelift will work to minimize the excess skin underneath your eyes, helping you look more awake, alert, and energized.

It is undeniable that choosing to have a facelift is a big decision, and we are here to answer your questions. Talking with our plastic surgeon about the look that you want is the first step toward feeling your best.

H. Sasson MD PC: Your New York Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering a facelift or other plastic surgery procedure to help you look and feel your best, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sasson, is here to help. With more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery, you can trust Dr. Sasson to make your goals a reality – all while treating you with the utmost compassion. We believe in keeping you as comfortable as possible through your procedure, and we’ll be with you every step of the way as you heal to reveal your new look. Contact our Great Neck, NY, office today by calling 516-487-5017 to schedule an appointment.

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