When Is Breast Implant Revision Medically Necessary?

Breast implant revisionWhile most women who receive breast augmentations will not have complications that require medical intervention, it’s important to know the signs that you need to see a doctor. Breast implant revision, which updates older implants with newer ones, is common for these reasons.

When Is Breast Implant Revision Medically Necessary?

Capsular Contracture

When you receive a breast augmentation, your body’s immune system may sometimes reject the implant materials, resulting in capsular contracture. You may notice symptoms like pain, rippling, and changes to the breast shape. They might look extremely round and firm or sit too high.

The Implants Have Moved

Breast implants can shift if implant pockets are left in the chest. While some movement during recovery is normal, if your breasts have noticeably moved out of place, an implant revision is required to set them back up correctly.

The Implant Burst

By far, the most urgent reason for breast implant revision is for a burst implant. While the saline or gel in your implant shouldn’t cause any adverse health effects, you should still see your surgeon sooner rather than later to repair a burst implant.

When Is Breast Implant Revision Nice to Have?

Not every implant revision is a medical emergency. The following reasons for a change to your implants are less urgent but still valid.

You Need a Refresh

Most breast implant revisions include a breast lift to naturally position the breasts and give them a better appearance by upgrading the implant.

You Want to Go Bigger (or Smaller)

Perhaps you’ve had your implants for a while, and now that you’re used to them, you want to go up a size or two. Oppositely, you might decide that your implants are too large, and you would rather downsize.

Your Skin Has Ripples

Does your skin look rippled after receiving a breast augmentation? If the implant was placed over the muscle, these unsightly ripples can result. Losing weight can also contribute to the rippled look, which is correctable.

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