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Facial Rejuvenation Surgery in Great Neck

With age comes wisdom, grace, and a lifetime of valuable experience. Age also brings sagging skin and facial wrinkles that can leave a person unhappy with their changing appearance. This natural, age-related change can make a person look much older than they feel. A facelift may be a way to rejuvenate one’s appearance. Facelift surgery with the skills of the Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sasson can help to give you back your youthfulness even when you thought it was lost. Call (516) 487-5017 for our Great Neck office!

Facelift Before And After

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

With the increasing availability of non-surgical treatments, the decision may be confusing on which facial filler or injectable procedure will best solve your aging problems. Treatments like Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Botox® and Restylane® are effective for a quick, temporary solution to lines and wrinkles, but patients will need to maintain a routine treatment plan every few months as results begin to fade.

As you get older and the appearance of aging becomes more persistent, surgical options such as a facelift surgery can provide better, longer lasting results than non-surgical options. Men and women who undergo a facelift at a younger age may retain their youthful appearance for a longer period with less drastic looking results.

A facelift can effectively treat issues such as the Nasolabial folds, Marionette lines and sagging jowls.


Facelift Procedures

There are several different types of facelift surgeries. Dr. Sasson will thoroughly examine your face to determine which approach is best suited to your facial structure.

The moderate or “mini” facelift focuses on issues in the middle of the face, such as drooping cheeks and deep nose-to-mouth lines. This procedure uses small incisions near your hairline and inside your mouth to lift and reposition the fatty layer over your cheekbones. This tightens and rejuvenates the middle of the face, making you look subtly younger.

The full facelift surgery is ideal for someone that has deep facial wrinkles, excess fatty deposits, jowls, drooping eyelids, lax cheeks, and other more severe signs of aging. Because the full facelift addresses many different areas and is customized around your specific needs, it is, in many ways, a combination of procedures, including the forehead lift, eyelid surgery, mid facelift, and lower facelift.

In most cases, a full facelift involves starting an incision in your hairline near the temple level that goes around the front of your ear and back to the base of your hairline. Underlying muscle and tissue are then reshaped to achieve a youthful contouring of the facial structure. Dr. Sasson will then pull your skin back for a natural, firm look and feel before removing excess skin and closing your incisions.

How Long Until I see the Final Results from a Facelift?

It will take some time before you are able to see the full results of your procedure, but the recovery process is a necessary part of any surgery. Most patients are able to go back to work and resume social activities after about two weeks. If any bruising or swelling bothers you, you may consider wearing makeup or changing your hairstyle to temporarily hide the aftereffects of surgery. Your face will continue to heal over the next few months.

Seeing the final results in the mirror for the first time has been an emotionally rewarding experience for many of our facelift patients. For many, it is not just about looking younger, but also feeling confident and happy in their own skin again.

You should be enjoying your life—not dreading each passing year because of new lines and wrinkles. Take back control of your looks with a facelift.

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