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Young woman wearing a compressing bra after a breast enhancement surgery

Why wear compression garments after plastic surgery?

Compression garments are post-operative clothing that are predominantly made with materials such as nylon and elastic. They are an important part of recovery following many plastic surgery procedures. The garments are designed to be worn to facilitate faster healing and minimizing swelling while still being comfortable to wear. Even though they are the standard post-operative […]

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Springtime Plastic Surgery

To be honest, there’s no bad time to get that plastic surgery you’ve been dreaming of. In the summer, you’re expected to take time off for vacation, and it’s easier to heal at home in private. Autumn months provide cooler weather that is often more comfortable. Winter allows that same comfort, and more bulky sweaters […]

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New Year, New Nose

Many of us are ready to kick-start the New Year with a whole slew of plans of how we’re going to improve our lives. For some of us, that means treating ourselves to a few treatments we’ve had earmarked for a long time. Are you looking for more information about rhinoplasty (also colloquially referred to […]

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2019
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Liposuction in different areas of body

Which Areas of the Body Get Best Results From Liposuction?

Liposuction is routinely performed and recommended essentially from hip to feet, the face, neck, upper and lower abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, arms, inner and outer thighs (saddle bags), calves and ankles as well as buttocks. It is routinely done in the male breast removal surgery (gynecomastia). However, areas that are most favorable for liposuctioning […]

  • Posted on: Jul 5 2017
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Facial with other Cosmetic Surgeries

Combining Facial Surgery With Other Cosmetic Surgeries

Of course, not only facial plastic surgery can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries elsewhere in the body, other types of non-facial plastic surgeries can be combined together. The advantages of combining more than one plastic surgery procedure are financial (reduced costs of operating room and anesthesia) as well as reducing the risks of multiple […]

  • Posted on: Jun 30 2017
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When is the Best Time to Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Because of the nature of these operations, there should be no urgency to proceed with the procedures without careful consideration. They should be tailored to one’s financial preparedness, as well as time that can be taken off for recovery. Although most cosmetic surgery recoveries are easier in the cooler seasons, summertime might work best for […]

  • Posted on: May 24 2017
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What is Revision Surgery After Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures often involve surgery of the overlying skin which, invariably, results in some scar formation. That, and in addition to the fact that there is a subjective component of patient satisfaction, as well as some chance of recurrence of the initial problem, can make post-operative results somewhat unpredictable. Thus, in some situations, patients […]

  • Posted on: May 10 2017
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What are the Causes of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) normally occurs during a boy’s puberty due to changes in the ratio of estrogen and testosterone. Some newborns exhibit short term gynecomastia due to the mother’s estrogen hormone traversing the blood. Aging due to hormonal imbalances can also result in gynecomstia. Numerous other conditions can result in this disorder, including thyroid […]

  • Posted on: Apr 26 2017
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How is Rhinoplasty done?

Rhinoplasty (nose job) is done in order to enhance the appearance and restore normalcy of a person’s nose. It is mainly done in two ways – either closed, which means no external skin cuts are made and therefore no external scars are produced. With this approach, everything is done through the nostrils and although more […]

  • Posted on: Mar 2 2017
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What is Too Much Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has improved the lives of millions. For babies born with cleft palates or people disfigured in accidents, reconstructive plastic surgery allows them to maintain a normal appearance and reduces or eliminates people staring at them. For people who aren’t conventionally attractive, plastic surgery gives them a more pleasing appearance. My staff and I […]

  • Posted on: Dec 7 2016
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