Were You Born With The Wrong Nose?

By H. Sasson, MD, FACS

There are many kinds of nose surgeries: surgery done strictly for functional reasons – to make it easier for you to breathe comfortably – and surgery done for cosmetic reasons. In this column I’d like to talk about aesthetic nose surgery.

If you are one of those people who feel that your nose doesn’t really fit with your other features, you’re not alone. The nose is the most common feature people want to change about their face.

Centrally Located

After all, your nose is right in the middle of your face. If it’s hooked, too large, too small or with enlarged nostrils, it brings down your entire face. It can rob your eyes and your lips of their innate beauty. Transforming an ordinary face into a face that you can’t stop looking at is the key to a good nose surgery.

Finding the Exact Right Nose for You

During a consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will talk about the nose that would perfectly complement your other features. S/he will listen to your concerns and apply his/her expertise to your situation. An experienced surgeon who has done many nasal surgeries will have the aesthetic sense that has been honed over the years. S/he can tell from looking at you how your face would be affected by a more refined bridge, better-shaped nostrils, better proportions, and so on.

It’s Not Just About Being “Pretty”

An experienced surgeon will also take into account the element of character. Some faces are already stamped with the kind of unique character that precludes adding a dainty nose, an upturned nose, or something equally common to it. And what about ethnicity? The much-favored “Aryan nose” on a face with the kind of ethnic background that contradicts it will not always look good. It is the expertise of

Who is a good candidate for nasal surgery?

A good candidate is anyone who is in good health and would like to change the way their nose looks. You may also suffer from breathing problems or a nose that was broken. In the past, nasal surgery was strictly for the young women or teenagers who were unhappy with their nose. Today, women and men of all ages undergo nose surgery and are very satisfied with their new and improved looks. Men used to think that with nose surgery they may look too feminine. Male aesthetics require different criteria than those applied to women and a well- sculpted male nose can be aesthetically appealing without looking feminine. In face, nose surgery is the most common type of plastic surgery done on the face, and the one most associated with highest patient satisfaction.

When you entrust your face to an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, you can dismiss nightmare scenarios of badly-done noses. Never let the fear of bad results keep you from getting the natural, beautiful results a competent surgeon can give you.

Dr. Sasson is a board certified plastic surgeon trained at UCLA and Yale University Hospitals and is the chief of plastic surgery at two Long Island hospitals. He has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery and will be happy to address your concerns and formulate the proper plan for you. You can schedule a consultation at his Great Neck (516-487-5017) office.

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