Understanding the Benefits of Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear Pinning SurgeryYour ears are the framework for your facial balance. However, different ear conditions can affect the shape and function of your ears. Thankfully, ear pinning surgery is a great option for altering the shape of your ears. Let’s take a closer look at what ear pinning surgery is and its benefits.

What Is Ear Pinning Surgery?

Ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a specific type of ear surgery that is normally done to correct a cosmetic issue of the ear. This surgery is typically done for people at a young age, but you can take advantage of ear surgery at any age. The process usually begins with local anesthesia being applied to make the procedure more comfortable.

Then, an incision is made behind the ear to access the cartilage and connective tissue. The cartilage is then sculpted into the desired shape. Finally, sutures are added to keep the ears in place and close the incision. This causes the ear to lay flatter against the head and reduces outward protrusion.

Benefits of Ear Pinning

Self-confidence Boost

Like with most cosmetic surgeries, the goal of ear pinning is to make you feel more comfortable and proud of your body. Everyone deserves to feel confident as they go through their daily routine. Unfortunately, wide and protruding ears can negatively affect someone’s self-image. Thankfully, ear pinning can correct this.

Improve Adolescent Social Interactions

Sadly, young children are often cruel and needlessly tease or ridicule their peers for anything they perceive as not normal. This is why ear pinning is beneficial from a young age. It helps avoid unnecessary treatment from peers at school or friends. Ear pinning can help a child avoid this.

Is Ear Pinning Surgery Right for Me?

Ear pinning is right for anyone who is uncomfortable with the protrusion of their ears. Thankfully, Dr. Sasson with Sasson Plastic Surgery provides ear pinning services to boost your confidence and help you reach your body goals. Dr. Sasson is a recognized plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience that he brings to every treatment. If you’re considering ear pinning surgery, then contact Sasson Plastic Surgery at 516-487-5017 today.

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