What Is Ear Pinning Surgery?

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2019
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Children, teenagers, and adults who have protruding ears may be incredibly self-conscious about their appearance. They may choose to grow their hair out to cover their ears and make the condition less noticeable. They may also avoid putting their hair in ponytails or wearing hats that make their ears more prominent. However, many patients have the option to have ear pinning surgery performed. Dr. Homayoun Sasson of Great Neck, NY is pleased to offer solutions for patients that can help them feel more confident about the appearance of their ears.

What is ear pinning surgery?

Ear pinning is a specific type of cosmetic surgery, sometimes referred to as otoplasty. This procedure is used to bring the ears closer to the sides of the face to make them less noticeable. This treatment can be done for patients of all ages, from children to adults.

What to expect from ear pinning surgery

First, patients will consult with their plastic surgeon to determine if they can benefit from ear pinning surgery. In most cases, patients are educated on what they can expect and the results that can be achieved from the procedure. Patients should have realistic expectations before going into surgery. Patients should also be advised as to the risk of ear pinning as with any surgical procedure. Patients can discuss how the procedure is performed, where incisions are made, and how the scarring will be concealed to reduce appearance.

When patients have the procedure performed, it is often done with local anesthetics for older patients, or with general anesthesia for children. Adults may also benefit from a mild sedative that can be taken prior to their surgery. The surgery itself can take up to two hours, and requires the doctor to use stitches to hold the cartilage of the ear closer to the head. In most cases, he will avoid removing skin or cartilage during the procedure unless necessary.

Discuss ear pinning surgery with the team at Sasson Plastic Surgery

If you reside in the area of Great Neck, NY and want to speak to a professional about ear pinning surgery, call Dr. Homayoun Sasson today at (516) 487-5017. The practice is located at 1000 Northern Boulevard, Suite 370 and accepts new patients.

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