Why should I have an arm lift?

  • Posted on: May 15 2021
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New York area patients who think of plastic surgery often think of procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation. But every part of the body can be improved in one way or another with plastic surgery. At Sasson Plastic Surgery, Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team may encourage patients to think about problem areas of the body and find a solution. One area that is often overlooked but is a common complaint is the upper arms. Even without experiencing weight fluctuations or being within one’s ideal weight range, the skin of the upper arms may become relaxed and hang when a patient holds their arm up. This causes some patients to avoid exposing their arms with clothing because of the embarrassment of excess skin. With a procedure called an arm lift, a patient can target this area of the body and tighten and tone it. 

What is the arm lift? 

The arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure tailored to a specific patient to address excess fat and/or skin in the upper arm area. Dr. Homayoun Sasson works closely with patients to determine if they need liposuction or skin removal, and create a plan of action to help individuals feel more confident when exposing their arms. One concern of the arm lift is the scarring that could be left behind, but whenever possible, our plastic surgeon will create incisions where they can easily be hidden, such as the armpit area. 

Who is a candidate for the arm lift procedure? 

The best candidates for the arm lift procedure are adult men and women experiencing excess skin and fat on the upper arms. By removing these, the patient can enjoy a toned, more defined upper arm and feel confident, not embarrassed, when wearing more exposing clothing such as tank tops or swimwear. 

Are you interested in tightening and toning your upper arms? 

Dr. Homayoun Sasson and his team at Sasson Plastic Surgery can provide patients in and around the area of Great Neck, NY with surgical body solutions. If you want to discuss the benefits of an arm lift, call to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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