I just knew, he was going to be my hero.

It was July 3rd, 2021 when I “woke up” from a nightmare that become a reality. Earlier Friday night July 2nd, I decided to go to my friend’s birthday party. When leaving this party, I had gotten a ride home with a friend; so I thought. I never made home. The “friend “ who claimed to be sober enough to drive me home, was FAR from it. To summarize, I was in the front passenger seat when this driver speedily rear ended a vehicle involving a total of three passengers. When opening my eyes Saturday morning, becoming alert, to the whole situation, I was in Northwell University Hospital in Manhasset, in the emergency room. Upon opening my eyes, I automatically was screaming in agony in pain and I was very, very scared and anxious. I had NO clue, no recollection on where I was, and why I was there. It was the scariest moment of my entire life. My head was running circle, thinking how this happen. I still have not to terms on what exactly happened and don’t think I ever will. I had doctors and nurses surrounding and informing me that I was in a horrible motor vehicle accident the night prior; I fractured, my nose, it was almost completely detached from my face, I crucially injured my right arm, as my left knee and I was completely covered in my blood. Shortly after doctors and nurses informed me of my injuries, they stated my nose was badly cut by the rear view mirror glass from the vehicles; and that I was going to need 100 stiches . I then, started freaking out, to the news of the whole situation and that I needed be stitched still. I got a mirror and saw my face. I broke. I broke down. I just wanted the nightmare to end. I was alone. I was wondering if my parents even knew where I was, that I never made I home last night. There was just so much going on. Shortly after, I met this man. He seemed very calm and intelligent; he had demeanor about him that made me not freak out. This man was name d Dr. Homayoun Sasson. He was introduced me as the Plastic Surgeon who was going to save my face. It was just him and I in the room, while he stitched me up he talked to me as he did the procedure; seeing how out of sorts I was mentally, emotionally and physically; Dr. Sasson had this healing energy that was so exhilarative. I just knew, he was going to be my hero. As it, prior to this accident I was very scared of needles. Dr. Sasson helped me overcome this fear, while sewing my nose back together and saving my life. I don’t how I could ever repay him.

M.M 8/18/21

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