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I live at the other end of your professional spectrum and as such frequently see considerable trauma. I am a three-decade Special Forces medic and have been around trauma, ATLS, and Emergency Rooms in many countries in the world, both military and civilian. This is my perspective: My aunt … she does not like hospitals, hates blood, and has no in-depth medical knowledge. She just wants not to hurt. This is her perspective. Your arrival in the ER palpably filled the air with a degree of confidence and, I dare say, a degree of uniqueness (everyone was captivated and you implied no effort – it was you). Style is sorely lacking in so many venues these days. Indeed, the fireman (and his wife) you treated prior to my aunt shared the same observations. He later said he specifically choose that hospital to treat his wound because of previous experience he had with you (frequent flyer?). .. you completed the care with charm, conversation, and blazing speed. My aunt was disarmed before actually seeing you past her curtain. She said your voice, as you spoke to the fireman, was “nice.” I know a profession is a job and your work can be accomplished without the pleasantries and playful dialogue with patients. People know you are painfully busy in such a profession and most would allow a frigid personality – as long as the job was done. But you were not like that at all. Whether intentional or not, your manner employed watched patient and their family’s mind, emotions, and interest, and you closed in minutes…In my 35 years around various battlefield to OR procedures I have rarely seen a person command a moment, a procedure, and disarm a patient and the family. My aunt and I were very pleased that her misfortune resulted in your care; we thank you very much.

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